Sunny Side Going Around.

Solar Yellow Altezza built by the FSW tearing Garage Kagotani crew. Blistered flares, ADVAN TCIII’s, ADVAN Neovas, vented hood, and a Voltex GT Wing..

Baby Boomers.

Powder Blue Babies.

“Track” Oriented 35B Super 90’s shake off the classic, vintage P-Car cobwebs, lightly prepped for a fun day at the track without rear bumpers, caged, BRIDE seats hug the driver, all while zipping by with a sweet carb setup in the trunk..

The Salesman.

Always have a beauties on Deck.

Midnight Purple II BNR34 GT-R with Volk TE37’s i na contrasting bronze finish, ENDLESS mono block brakes, NISMO front grille, carbon lip, vortex generator, HKS internals and stroker kit, a true Wangan/Track weapon, sold by none other than GLOBAL AUTO.