Keys to Cool.

In the hiatus I’ve taken from blogging, i’ve been shooting with my Nikon DSLR ALOT. Landscapes, Portraits, and everything else I can think of. Of course, if you follow my IG page, you know this already. Cars are my passion. Been shooting a lot of exotics, the import scene here is stale, to say the least, the best builds are up state. So I have been mostly shooting super/hypercars , and my love of Porsche has grown exponentially. Great cars, incredible diverse enthusiasts. But once in a while, I shoot one of my favorite platforms in car culture: Lowriders.

The details, outrageous paintwork, body work, dedication and family oriented lifestyle is what I enjoy the most. I shot these on a crispy, 70˚ Sunday afternoon, against the cool breeze of Key Biscayne, FL. Picture perfect day and the pictures scream 60’s, 70’s, epitome of the lowrider scene. BBQ was held by 25th Street Riders and USC..This show was amazing, better than the LOWRIDER show that brings out the big guns from all over the nation. I LOVE ALL CARS. I don’t discriminate. As I grow older, patience and work ethic go hand and hand, & I definitely see it in the builds.

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