Blooming Flurry.

After an all Porsche gathering in South Florida last Sunday, called Das Renn Treffen (The Race Meet), with a host of historic Porsches from yesteryear (Interscope #0 935 K3 and the ’87 Coke/Yokohama Porsche 962C to name a few, follow me on IG to see much more!), the hosts of the event, Parkhaus1, announced that Nakai-San of RWB fame was going to introduce a new build here in Miami.


Fast forward 3 days, and sadly, missing out on meeting the famed and busy builder, I headed to the Parkhaus shop, stepping into their showroom of sought after GT3RS, RS 2.7’s and race cars, sat the newest 993 Carrera in the fleet of Rauh Welt Begriff built outside of Chiba Prefecture.


Named Yukinohana or “Snow Flower”, ironically in Miami, where its hasn’t snowed in almost 40 years, has been fitted with a collaboration of the Urban Outlaw himself, (which I met and chat with a bit on Sunday coincidentally) Magnus Walker and Fifteen52’s concave Outlaw 001C..

REALLY like the Flannel/Burburry like interior..


One of the oddest parts of the car had to be the whale tail, newly designed wing, looks like it need extra wing stands or something, maybe it will be fitted with a radical GT Wing like ROTANA or something..


All in all, this was my 2nd encounter with one of Nakai-san’s incredible builds and hope to see and hear more in Florida soon.

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