Touch of Midas.

California Vibes.

Loyal, Friendship and the Love of these machines is unparalleled..


The Clouds parted ways on a rainy predicted weekend last weekend at the Historic Virginia Key Park in Key Biscayne, FL at the 7th annual 25th Street Riders/USO Picnic.

Every year there are more and more builds, clubs and enthusiasts making the trek all the way down south in support of the USO Car Club, which is as worldwide car club as well known as the Majestics, Good Times and Cruise Life to name a few..


This year, the long trip was made from many in the snowy Midwest, Chicago, NYC, the Carolinas, and even as far as the West Coast, crazy die hard fans came from all over..

Among the beauties, this incredible “boat” shined bright against the sandy, palm tree parking lot background setting..


This stunning 1966 Buick Riviera, built by Anthony Williams and Shaun Williams, coming from Memphis, Indiana, aka Tornado Alley, repping Those Dudes/Team Midwest CC, have been touring in tons of shows across the country..

One of the most subtle, intricate paint jobs I’ve seen has been laid out on this big piece of American heavy metal…


Low Slung with that unmistakable front end with a custom front grill..

Great quality from every angle to say the least..



Hydros and Humidity…

Ant has 2 pairs of wheels to choose from–on this day it wore a sweet set of 13” Tru Spoke wire wheels over white walls while on other occasions, it sports a retro set pf Astro Supremes..


Pinstriped by Killer Design, Murals, graceful lines, drapped in a gorgeous custom Boulevardo Gold..

A straight time capsule from hot California nights in the 70’s..


Matching pinstriped buckets keep the period correct theme on track and sports none other than a “Cheech and Chong” welded chain steering wheel..

It will be featured in an upcoming Lowrider spread, so check it out in the near future..

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