Japanese Old Muscle.

Crown Coupe

Crown Coupe1

MOONEYES participant in the form of a Toyota Crown on Mag’s and a flashy polished valve cover..

One thought on “Crispy.

  1. Reblogged this on 86 Cult and commented:
    I just felt like sharing this one for some reason. I hope when people get inspired when they see cars like this one, being partially revived or restored road worthy condition, to want to appreciate and keep older cars from dying away in some scrap yard.
    Keeping an older car on the road, can (depending on many factors including what the car is and where you are located) could cost less than buying a new one and is actually safer for the environment seeing that preserving an older car requires less resources or energy to rebuild.
    Consumerism and this endless pursuit for convenience is part of the fast paced live many people live but its admirable to see that some car enthusiasts take the initiative to get dirty for the sake of enjoying ‘the finer things in life’, like they say.

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