Crystal Ball.

I’m no Miss Cleo but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night… I’m hoping some trends die fast, die young next year come & go faster than a Lindsay Lohan hit & run, like sticker bombing everything, social media bashing on ones motives on how to properly modify his/her ride by some fat kid in a trailer park in Wisconsin, and hoping authenticity reigns supreme over overpriced, overused replica/knockoff parts..Here’s a slew of hot shit this past year and hopefully consistent trends for years to come..

The “It” Car:

FR-S/GT86/BRZ/O.P.P was the hottest toy to come out Japan since Tamagotchi  in the 90’s Peppy, seats four, aesthetically pleasing, underpowered and heck of fun to drive, AE86 inspired, Toyota durability/reliability and tuners like Original Rundunce/Varis, are popping out parts like the family in Discovery Channel with 20 kids..



The phenomenon of Nakai-san and RWB brand went global in ’12, from the U.S’s 6 RWB Porsches to expanding to Thailand, looks like theres no end in sight for elusive sorts car with looks/performance cues from PROMODET that kill.


Hot Rod Renaissance:

From MOONEYES event in Tokyo with gassers, rat rods, superhcarged ‘Cudas to the famous Grand National Roadster Show in California, hot rods are still prevalent in car culture today.. Its incredible to see a American Hot Rod in Japan looking even better than show room conditions in the Far East, and even some representatios are far beyond better looking than domestic rides seen here..


Getting some Love:

Its great to see the A60/RA Celica chassis finding get the deserving attention its so desperately need, being overshadowed by the beloved AE86 Levin/Trueno and JZA70/80 Supras of yesteryear. After all, it was the last RWD Celica to come out of Japan, very inexpensive used, albeit not much aftermarket support, I hope to find the means and buy some sweet SSR Longchamp XR4’s in the near future for my POS..



Show with Go:

BIPPU/VIP Style is getting nutty to say the least, Oni-Camber or Demon Camber are getting lower and lower to negative hundred mark that Marty Mcfly’s Delorean would get jealous.. On the other hand, you do see traditional VIP styling’s, color wise, fitment, and wheel choices all while having some power on tap, making it possible with enough tire thread to run a lap at at Fuji Speedway, for example..


Classics Stateside:

ith awesome people like Eric over at JDM Legends in Utah, its easier morethan ever to get a sough after J-TIN Nostalgic cruiser to make the ladies scream..Shipping the greatest Japan had to the offer in the 70,80’s, and 90’s like pristine C110 Skyline is just a click away in some cases, as a turn key ride to drive and enjoy..


Shag very Well…

I believe Lotus Elise/Exige will be seen running track and circuits around the world in the upcoming years because of the lightweight, MR, fun factor these little British sports cars poses. The pre owned lots are littered with them and you can see companies out of the U.S like OUTER PLUS in Japan, stepping in, fine tuning these adult go karts for any driver skills..


IDK why they are all in white; its all a coincidence.

Here’s to 2012, where Mayans predicted our demise, zombies where bigger news than natural disasters, and you bought extremely “rare, overpriced ROTAS because they had a custom pink “JDM” finish..

Just sayin’.

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