Real Housewives.

Times have changed..

Women work, some make more money than their husbands, popping kids out every year, and there are those who even help out with swapping tires equipped with white TE37’s on a Trueno: 

“Thats your BF’s car right??”

I give props to all the women around me; we take them for granted, and girls that know their shit around a car like CarGirl & K20Jade, who bust their ass and never get the credit for the hard work..deserve it.

Big Ups to those women making that $$ & and wrenching at night/weekends..

*No Homo.

7 thoughts on “Real Housewives.

  1. My jaw drops every time I see a video from japan with girls drifting. It’s pretty interesting to see them handle a car and kids at the track. I know of a mom that AutoX’s and handles her kids at the Pit Area. Not an easy task.

    Def. props to the women that work just as hard as we and sometimes harder to make the money to fund the addiction… I mean hobby.

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  3. Thanks for the love Freddy. It is very true. Many times the credit we deserve isn’t given. It was that way for many years. It’s hard to be taken seriously sometimes. But, I know what I have accomplished, and that is a lot! I appreciate the shout out! Make sure to join my Facebook fan page, gave ya a nice little shout out as well.


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