Restored Classic.

Period Correct with Flair.


Just add Wedssport MA86’s and your AE86 Levin will good to go.

Peach Fuzz.


Peach Kagatoni

Peach Kagatoni1

Garage Kagotoni’s revamped time attacking R32 GT-R, previously painted in a OEM black hue & dark green, the biggest updates can be seen on the outside of the car, from the uncommon peach/pinkish color, front splitter, flared fenders, rear bumper delete, and huge rear diffuser under the GT Wing, but footwork as change as well, from Work Meisters to new classics– Matte Blue Gunmetal Volk ZE40’s..

Road Rally.

On the Move.


Crazy to see the differences between the European and Japanese versions of the unicorn 22B STI Impreza, bigger brakes, BBS wheels, and a faster 0 to 100km time thanks to a bigger bore and stroker kit on the Land of the Rising Sun counterpart..

Billing Formula.




Subtle awesomeness on this ’10 911 Carrera with a vented Duckbill Wing cooling the 500hp engine, all while rolling on polished Advan RZ-DF’s..

Trimmed for Fun.

Rumble at Autopolis.


WRB GRB Impreza Hatch in street trim easily capable of track abuse.

With some Pep.

Girly Man.



Okamura-san and YASHIO Factory’s infamous Pepto Bismol pink finished S15 Silvia flagship with Japanese influenced livery.

Fit to Win.

Circuit Wonder.


Track oriented AE86 Levin with plenty of aero all around on bronze RS Watanabes..


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