Black Hole.

HKS POWER Demo holds it down with a HKS 4.1L stroker kit, ENDLESS stoppers, looking sinister on Semi Gloss Black Advan Racing GT wheels…


Thank you to those who have served and protected the US of A, we salute you on this Memorial Day, and sorry for the long hiatus on posts as of late. As some of you know, my FB & Personal accounts have been hacked. Day In and Day Out I have reported the issue to Facebook, but alas, it looks like I’m not gonna get need to start a new page, even though I secured my personal page from that POS, they still took my account for no reason. Hope to start posting regularly ASAP. Thanks for all the support.

Puffed Down.

Luxury Sport.

Aristo Vlene

Aristo Vlene1

JZS160 Aristo presented by VLENE, showcasing the front bumper, integrated fogs, grill, side steps, rear trunk wing, rear bumper, down low on air running WORK Gnosis GS2’s all around with a clean gold finish to contrasting that clean pearl white hue..

Ripe for the Pickin’.

Vitamin C.




Japan’s version of Bonhams/RM Auctions, BINGO SPORTS sells the greatest selection of pre-owned automobiles in the world. From uber exotics, German supercars, and Japanese classics like this drool worthy ’73 Pollux Orange TE27 Toyota Corolla Levin, looking period correct with a matching chin spoiler, polished fender mirrors, bolt-on fender flares, sitting on a deep, perfect set of TRD Toscos, restored with brand new weather stripping, polished bits and pieces, while under the hood, clean is an understatement with a ITB sucking 2TG powerplant..price is unlisted like many of pricey examples in their inventory..

Family Steed.

Sport Street Style.



Manabu Orido’s take on the boosted JZS161 Aristo, sans livery, wearing RIDOX Aero on WEDSSPORTS SA55M’s, VARIS hood, stopping on a dime with Project Mu’s..