Quick Flame.

Visual VTEC.


Kurumadoh Factory

Don’t let the flame job fool you, small tuner Kurumadoh Custom Factory AP1 ‘s means business at any Battle Evome event, with a mix of J’s Racing and Mugen aero, with custom touches all around. a big D2 BBK under Volk TE37SL’s over Advan rubber..


Satin Silvia.

RWB Silvia

RWB privateer customers track toy and one of the vehicles to put Nakai-san on the map, this Spec-R runs a fully built SR20 with a TRUST T51 turbo, OHLINS suspension, Vertex T&E front bumper, ING+1 side skirts, M-Sports rear fenders, looking evil over the apex at Tsukuba Circuit on matte grey SSR Professor SP-1’s

Dragon Spirit.

Midship Menace.



Techno Pro Spirit’s Tsukuba MR-S, notoriously facing controversy with a ZZT231 Celica front end, widen in-house with Voltex GT Wing in the rear, recently rolling on Volk TE37V’s at Tsukuba Challenge..