Paddock Hangs.

Ready to hit the Circuit.


TEC-ART’s famed AE86 Levin get a head start with a AE86 Levin in the foreground on badass Volk TE37V’s..

Electric Wave.

Parking Lot Fly By.



Volk Racing GR2’s at all four sides with an ENDLESS BBK on this Electric Blue VARIS kitted CT9A EVO

Momma Knows.

Sitting Right.


RB3/4 Odyssey Aboslute airing it out on sweet polished Work Meisters..

Race Trimmed.

Manly Go-Kart..



Starting bid for this sweet ’99 Elise is at $32k, this perfect weekend track toy has been totally revamped, ditched its recognizable 1.8L Toyota engine with a 300hp K24 yeahhh, 300 ponies on 1700lb chassis, insane to say the least, it not only performs well but its looks great, painted in Ferrari Giallo Modena Yellow with a one-off GT Widebody kit , an adjustable wing for downforce and, HOOSIERS under the body for extra grip..

Light Carbs.

Hitting the Back Stretch.


N2 Tsukuba Spec AE86 Levin Coupe, stripped and prepped for time splitting.

Hit the Streets.

All Wheel Good Times..



Tarmac Black CZ4A EVO X with VARIS goods, from the front bumper with the canards, side skirts, to the GT Wing in the back, GANADOR Super Mirrors (not pictured), Mag Blue Volk TE37 Ultras, farting out a BLITZ Nur Spec exhaust..

Lip Snap.

Rubbing and Scrapping.


RB2 Odyssey rolls like a big shot, loving that custom grill and dummy intercooler.


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