Revamped to Race.

Tuned to Succeed.


1 out of 300 built, this is may be the most track spec Milano Red FD2 Civic RR to date, peep that FEEL’s front lip, ditching the sought after OEM Mugen wheels for forged Volk G25 wheels..

Black Tie Affair.

Fancy Pants.



Sporty Luxury in the form of a the forgotten Y50 Fuga chassis with a AIMGAIN front bumper, 450GT rear end, UNIVERSAL Air air ride suspension, tucking on a mild set of 20” SSR Professor MS3’s, all while posing in the underground parking area..






The Motorsports Division of Bavarian Motor Works legendary racing history as seen in the WARSTEINER E30 M3 in 80’s battles of DTM Racing in Germany, the E92 M3 running ‘ Ring, and the predecessor, taking over the reigns, the ALMS Crowne Plaza/RANDSTAD Z4 GTE.

Formulated Methods.

Equipped Top to Bottom..


Formula Red NA1 with a host of aggressive aero from Route KS, Marga Hills, an updated ’02 headlight conversion, ENDLESS/ZEAL coilovers, sitting on Advan Neovas over timeless, and a perfect matching gold set of BBS LM’s, all for sale by GLOBAL AUTO