Fully Amused.


Needs no Introduction..the POWERHOUSE Amuse GT1 AP1 S2000 on Volk CE28N’s.

Replicating History.

Vintage Street Version.



An ode to the classics, this is one sweet GR.A JTCC ADVAN/STP/Taisan R32 GT-R replica rolling on new age white Advan RG’s..

Shopping for Kicks.

Cant leave it alone.


Specialist for anything boosted, Original Runduce gets a hold of the new(ish) Impreza WRX STI and already fitted lighter footwork & a huge in house BBK, Advan RS’s in a Gold finish, always looks perfect against the STI Rally Blue..

Rumble Pack.

American Little Giant..



’71 Vega, one of the most uncommon Bow Ties, looking like a little 2-door Camaro wagon, this sucker is ready to tumble down the Quarter mile with a monster 355ci under the massive scooped hod, a wheelie bar and huge HOOSIER slicks out back ready to hold some traction..

Plugged In.

Riding down Electric Avenue..


Err..not quite..MUGEN Milano Red CR-Z with MUGEN CR wheels running at a one-make class Hybrid Hippy Event..

Serious Threat.

Sleeping Beauty.

c33 laurel1

c33 laurel

Peep this wild C33 Laurel with a beastly RB25 swap, R34 GT-R Brembo brake upgrade, Volk TE37’s and a full 0EM exterior keeps it subtle and quite the sleeper..


A Leg Up.

Privateer R & D.


LEGSPORTS kitted Ultramarine Blue GT86 tears up Autopolis with its wind tunnel tested front lip, Club Sports carbon hood and trunk duckbill..


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