Worldly Motivation.

(Insert Heart Eyed Emoji Here).


This is what I consider PERFECTION, what I envisioned when I started this blog, posted in a Celica forum all the way from Australia by one of greatest personal inspirations in the community, Ian , of a twin cam turbo RA65 sitting pretty on classic, timeless, 15×7 SSR Longchamp XR4’s..

Cross Fired.

Blood Shot.



BNR32 GT-R dressed for Wangan blasts, spooling in air by a TRUST T78 turbo, exhaling thru a TOMEI Ti Expreme titanium exhaust, sporting sweet Cross Factory fenders, to cool off those AP Racing brakes, footwork consists of Volk TE37SL’s under Advan Neovas..forced down with a VOLTEX carbon GT Wing..

Heavy Breathing.

Paddock Heat.


Recently featured red FD; R33 in the background, and a chipped Black Pearl NISMO/Original Runduce tuned BNR34 GT-R with Hako badging symbolizing the rich racing history of Nissan, ready for some track fun on sticky Advan rubber over Volk TE37SL’s..

Silver Jazz.

Nothing but the Best.



Utah’s famous JDM Legends, fully meticulously restored TA22 Celica, top to bottom, engine bay, even down to the smallest details like headlight bezels, C-pilar garnishes, and badging, sitting beautifully on period correct TRD Toscos..