Giallo Grip.

Predecessor of the 360.


AGEd Racing Japan’s Ferrari 355 Berlinetta Challenge in Giallo Yellow built to grip Suzuka Circuit with ENDLESS brakes, OZ Magnesium wheels, and a throaty V8..

Red Line.

Activate the Clock.



Active Red BNR34 Skyline GT-R peeking out of the paddock with Auto Select canards, carbon NISMO front lip, BREMBO BBK, all black Volk TE37’s inside Advan Neovas.. powered by a TOMEI stroked RB26, spooling a TRUST turbine..

Specced & Serviced.

White and Black.


’14 TAS HKS Kansai ZC6 BRZ with a host of the goods mixed with the in-house aero like the upgraded GREDDY T518Z turbo, puffing out an HKS Spec L exhaust, Kansai/CUSCO suspension components, VOLTEX GT Wing, SEIBON (meh) carbon fiber hood, braking with Project Mu, sitting on Advan Racing RGII’s over Advan NEOVAS AD08R’s..

High Rev Lemon.

$70k over 11k RPMs.



JUN AUTO Japan’s ZC6 Synergy V8 powered BRZ with two Kawasaki motorcycle engines combined with velocity stacks as the cherry on top, ZEAL coilovers, ENDLESS 2-Pot brakes, Advan RS2’s, INGS+1 GT Wing, VALENTI taillights, now for sale by the world famous tuner for a mere $83k..


The Legendary Sleeper.


MINE’S takes over the paddock area with their personal service vehicle and president of the companies, Niikura-san, guinea pig BNR34 demo car with sought after parts like the BBS RE-Mg’s, AP Racing brakes, and of, course the monstrous MINE’S spec RB26 N1 limited edition engine with modded HKS GT2530s.