Born Overseas.

Residing in the West Coast.

19415Skyline GT-X

Japanese track stylings have been on the rise as of late in the U.S, as seen by this beautiful PMCS inspired Hakosuka Skyline GT-X with period correct flares, race jacket, RS Watanabes with the Industrial backdrop, right the heart of Long Beach at the annual JCCS event..shot taken by Garÿ Tøng..

Pre Gaming.

Cambered Track Toys.



Full Grid of VIP at this years wet SESSIONS Platinum event at FSW, subtle or overdone, like this wild Lime Green JZS161 Aristo..

Brutal Beast.

Weightless White Wonder..


Any kind of EVO chassis can be found at any circuit in Japan, CP9A EVOs are one of the most popular all purpose machines like this widen sedan with a fully built 4g63, chipped carbon aero, and lightweight Volk TE37SLs

Formulated to Win.

VTEC Flagship.



Global Auto always brings the best to the used Japanese market..Case in point this Formula Red NA2 NSX on proper sized BBS LM’s, 17X7.5 + 38 & 18X9 + 42 offset in the rear..

Setting it Off.

Bring lots of Rubbers..


WINMAX tuned privateer CP9A EVO 6 looks right at home in any pit area..

Old Rush.

Boogie Down.



Booger Green GX71 Cresta from the infamous GOLDRUSHCustoms car club on classic Techno Phantom wheels..

Well Rounded Style.

All Around Knockout..


Radius fenders looks perfect on deep blue FLASHBACK F50 Cima at FSW on Work Equips..


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