Red Head Heat.

Sleep with One Eye Open.


Kyusya Old School Hangs with an XX

Going All In.

Full Out.



Grip CT9A EVO with a Voltex GT Wing look so tough, RALLIART front lip hitting the apex at Sugo Circuit with an VOLK/ENDLESS/KW undercarriage combo.

Rubber Band Bros.

Stretching the Limits..


Major Radius Fenders work has been done around the Volk TE37SLs for the bright, famed LUX Style S14 Navan Zenki built by the color coordinated MOCCOMANS gang; always look good in and around Japan..

Cruisin’ for Chicks.

Red, White and Ooo..


Red Foreman from “That 70’s Show” would approve this Good Ol’ US of A muscle from LINGENFELTER, with this wild, and unique 650hp LS3 supercharged ’70 Olds Vista Cruiser Wagon, on a cloud of air with Ridetech aired, sitting on somewhat sweet polished WELD Racing wheels, needing to stop on a dime with WILWOOD with all that power..

In a Blink.

Burning Sensation.


Like lemon squeezed into the eyes; the famous JUN Hyper lemon EVO V with its in house stroker kitted, TD06 turbo’ed 4G lapped Tsukuba in 56 seconds back in the day.. It is a definite staple in Japanese tuning R&D from the late 90’s/early 00’s..

Bad to the Bone.

Not messing around..



Time attacking S-Chassis are real rare to see but this trio looks right at home on the paddock..

Eighties Angles.

Easy does It.


Chin spoiler and RS Watanabes wheels on this clean classic, sharp Celica XX..


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